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Additional Experiential Learning Projects

“The SAP Enterprise System Workshop not only focused on giving me expert knowledge in a world-leading technological solution, but also gave me the abilities to lead the people that make this solution possible.”
David Alexander Fortin
Permasteelisa Technologies
Class of 2001

In addition to completing two major projects, you are also provided with several minor experiential learning experiences which, by applying concepts and theories in real world settings, build key capabilities.



In the Asia Capital Management Workshop, you work with an innovative small-cap hedge fund to evaluate Asian companies for their investment potential and then defend your decisions in direct discussions with company executives. Through a Learning Alliance with SAP (see, you explore the impacts on managerial decision making brought about by Enterprise Systems. With supply chain management becoming a pressing business concern, the Supply Chain Workshop provides a real-world experience for you to work directly with business practitioners and experts in gaining an in depth understanding of this important topic.
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