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Leadership Behavior

CIMBA is the leading program on the integrated use of coaches to advance your leadership skills. Being coached, learning to coach, and practicing coaching are an integral part of a leadership development process that assists you in shaping those fundamental soft-skills necessary for the effective practice of management. Learning opportunities are integrated into every class, activity, and project in the program and are all fully supported by CIMBA’s trained, experienced and certified leadership development coaches. 


Learning goal: To develop the managerial and leadership key capabilities necessary to persuade, motivate, inspire, and assist others to higher levels of performance



Leadership development at CIMBA is far more than a mere course on leadership. It expressly recognizes that leadership-behavior key capabilities can really only be developed meaningfully through practice, experimentation, and feedback in an environment fully supported by coaches working with you one-on-one. It is a demanding journey of self-discovery that involves personal reflection, exploration, experimentation, assessment, feedback, and an unrelenting zeal for continuous self-improvement. At CIMBA, you are provided with continuous assistance and support in your journey by certified leadership development coaches.

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