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Rational Process

Kepner-Tregoe Learning Alliance

The Kepner-Tregoe CIMBA Learning Alliance was born out of CIMBA’s recognition that KT was not only one of the originators of managerial thinking process tools, it is also one of the best at articulating and applying them in leading organizations worldwide. Nearly 30 of Fortune’s Top Hundred Companies for Whom to Work in the U.S. are KT trained companies. As a “Tregoe” school of business, experienced process facilitators within CIMBA are specifically certified by KT to both train and coach professors, students, and staff members on the use and application of KT tools.
Kepner-Tregoe was built on the premise that people can be taught to think critically. While working for the Rand Corporation in the 1950s, Dr. Charles Kepner and Dr. Benjamin Tregoe, conducted research on breakdowns in decision making. They discovered that successful decision making by managers and executives had less to do with level or career path than with the logical process the manager used to gather, organize, and analyze information before taking action. Kepner and Tregoe spent thousands of hours observing the practices of both effective and ineffective decision makers responding to complex, repetitive challenges. Their findings became the foundation for Rational Process, the Kepner-Tregoe method for effective management. Their book, The Rational Manager, (McGraw Hill, 1965) has become a business classic, translated into many languages and read throughout the world.

Based on their initial research, Drs. Kepner and Tregoe founded Kepner-Tregoe, a company that continues to analyze and develop thinking processes for critical business

For me, personally…Kepner-Tregoe results can be measured in the hundreds of millions of dollars.
Mr. Robert A. Lutz
Vice Chairman, Product Development and
Chairman, GM North America
(formerly Chairman of Ford of Europe )
applications. Kepner-Tregoe has built a network of offices around the world and improved the management practices of thousands of organizations. The first to focus on the critical need for training in problem solving and decision making, Kepner-Tregoe emerged more that five decades ago as the leader. Today its processes are used to achieve sustainable results by millions of people throughout the world. The company remains at the forefront of organizational design, research, and practice – as it has since its founding. (For more information about KT see ).

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