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While the MBA decision is largely influenced by career and economic criteria, school location and the social environment it offers also play an important role. Spending 11 months in a small, high-performance group of people fosters life-time friendships. And it is also a lot of fun. Although the CIMBA MBA is a very demanding, intensive program, students find time to organize activities and events throughout the year. Whether it involves New Year’s Eve in Rome, skiing the Alps, or traversing the white waters of the Veneto while in Europe, you will find time to relax and reflect. Building relationships on two continents will widen your perspectives by bringing you into direct contact with the cultures, values, and traditions of others with whom you are likely to do business.
In addition, the international group of students bring their unique experiences to both the learning and living environments thereby providing an active forum for understanding international business and social functions and practices fundamental to success in today’s global economy. The living environment created by this idyllic location, superb facilities, and focused student body influences and supports a learning environment consistent with a program focused on developing you as a manager. 
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