Living and working in more than 70 countries, CIMBA alumni form an extraordinarily diverse, talented, and accomplished group. Alumni stay connected to CIMBA in a variety of ways – as colleagues, mentors, advisors, and friends. They stay connected to each other through the CIMBA Alumni Network, the CIMBA Alumni Association and the events and activities those organizations sponsor. CIMBA’s alumni form strong bonds both to the school and with each other — an important and powerful benefit of the CIMBA experience.
CIMBA considers its alumni to be very important and integral part of its continued success and development. Frequently polled for their insights on the effective practice of management, CIMBA alumni share a unique relationship fostered first by the intensity of the program and then by the extraordinary success they share. Important to the continued growth and development of the program, they are unified in their commitment to CIMBA by their resolve to impact the way in which managers communicate and interrelate across geographic, economic, and cultural divides.
It is common for our alumni to say that their year at CIMBA was a life-changing experience. Lifelong friendships you have made during the program assure you that will never really leave CIMBA, nor lose the spirit for leadership it has fostered in you. At CIMBA, we are intensely proud of our alumni, and the leadership they bring to those for whom they have or owe a responsibility – whether it is in their families, social groups, community or in the workplace.