Part Time MBA
The CIMBA part-time program is designed to best fit the needs of working professionals. As an Industrious student, you will be able to complete the program in two years of study. In recognition of the importance of your workplace obligations, courses are held on weekends and evenings. Because many courses are taken with full-time students, the CIMBA part-time program is one of most international part-time MBA programs in the world. Like the full-time MBA program, you will study on two continents and receive your AACSB accredited MBA degree from the Tippie School of Management of the University of Iowa, a degree ranked among the best in the US.
The part-time MBA program typically has 30 participants, with an average age of 32 and an average of 7 years of business and professional experience. 
Part-time students represent a wide range of industries and areas of expertise. Talented, motivated, and experienced, they know what it will take to become an effective leader and are eager both to learn and to share their knowledge. When you complete the CIMBA MBA program, you will be one of the most sought-after and highest-paid MBA graduates in Italy.