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Program Costs and Expenses
CIMBA programs have long been recognized for their affordability. Developed with the assistance of the Consortium of Universities for International Studies, CIMBA is able to offer a superior academic experience at a cost far below that of other Europe-based MBA programs.

Full-time CIMBA participants spend up to $45,500 for the year in residence, tuition, fees, books, study materials, housing, living, and miscellaneous personal expenses. Married and accompanied students spend more, with the additional amount dependent upon the student’s family situation and lifestyle. There are a variety of scholarships to reduce and loans to delay program costs available to participants.
The cost analysis for the 2013-2014 academic year is downloadable here:

It typically takes less than three years to recover the cost of attending the CIMBA program (tuition, lost wages, and expenses). In contrast, the recovery period is closer to five years for two-year MBA programs. The trade-off is that the CIMBA program is far more intensive and demanding, requiring students to be highly motivated and focused.

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