Summer MBA
During the summer months, CIMBA opens its doors to MBA students from around the world for its Summer MBA Program. The program was developed by the Consortium to provide a forum for students to both participate in courses not readily available at their home institutions and gain valuable international experience. All classes are taught in English eliminating any language barrier to learning. Students generally come from Consortium member universities and attend a variety of graduate programs including business administration, accounting, information systems, industrial relations and communication studies. Summer students take classes with CIMBA MBA students, thereby providing both groups with a unique opportunity to significantly expand their personal networks.
In today’s demanding global economy, the importance of international experience cannot be overstated. Managers and leaders in virtually every business sector must face the daunting challenges of globalization. Differences in cultures, traditions, values, and expectations can be appreciated through classroom reading and discussion; but to learn about them, to understand what it will take to effectively manage in a global environment, requires a first-hand experience. As the global economy continues to grow, so will the need for managers and leaders who are both competent and comfortable in the international arena. Unfortunately, a surprisingly small percentage of students fully recognize how an international experience will impact their careers - less than one percent of American MBA students, for example, study or intern abroad. Those who do choose an international experience over the comforts of home are rewarded with tremendous personal and professional opportunities.

Often overlooked, the personal development opportunities presented by an international experience greatly exceed the professional growth opportunities. Being out of their comfort zone affords a unique opportunity for students to learn about themselves and the way in which they relate to others. This personal reflection brings about a careful examination of many of the key leadership behavior skills fundamental to the effective practice of management. It is for this reason, that many students define their international experience as being life-changing.