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Open Enrollment Courses
CIMBA Executive Programs Open Enrollment courses develop an in-depth understanding and the practical application of a specific business tool, technique, or process. Delivered at the Asolo MBA campus, the courses vary in length from 1 to 2 days to up to one week. Executive education courses at CIMBA are far more than just business theory. Our rigorous approach expands upon what is traditionally taught to encompass how it must be learned for the effective practice of management. The courses provide depth and breadth to understanding the business tool or technique, and then place that tool in the practical context in which it will be used — key elements in your becoming an effective manager. Whether your CIMBA Executive Programs course is in the areas of knowledge, rational process, or leadership development, the outcome is certain: you will emerge as a better thinker, with a firm grasp on how to effectively apply that thinking to the managerial and leadership issues you are facing.
CIMBA Executive Programs Open Enrollment courses include:
Knowledge (courses focusing on the understanding and use of a functional aspect of business):
·   Essentials of Finance
·   Financial Statement Analysis for the Non-accountant
·   Asian Capital Management
·   Communication and Interpersonal Skills development
·   Communications Skills for Managers
·   Powerful Presentations
·   Team Building
·   Developing your Marketing strategy
·   Strategic Marketing Management
·   Six-Sigma Methodology
·   SAP and Enterprise Systems
Rational Process (courses focusing on developing managerial thinking tool core competencies):
·   Problem Solving and Decision Making
·   Project Management
·   Innovation
Leadership Behavior (courses focusing on developing leadership core competencies):
·   Executive and Business Coaching
·   LIFE - Leadership Initiative For Excellence
·   Low and High Ropes programs (Outdoor training)
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